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Social work is all about people.
Social workers form relationships with people. As adviser, advocate, counsellor or listener, a social worker helps people to live more successfully within their local communities by helping them find solutions to their problems. Social work also involves engaging not only with clients themselves but their families and friends as well as working closely with other organisations including the police, NHS, schools and probation service.

There is a specific status associated with the job title "social worker". Social workers are professionally qualified staff who assess the needs of service users and plan the individual packages of care and support that best help them. Becoming a social worker involves taking an honours degree in social work and registering with the General Social Care Council. Almost all social workers start their careers with experience in social care.

Social workers tend to specialise in either adult or children's services i.e.:

Adult Services

Roles include working with people with mental health problems or learning difficulties in residential care; working with offenders, by supervising them in the community and supporting them to find work; assisting people with HIV/AIDs and working with older people at home helping to sort out problems with their health, housing or benefits.

Children / Young People Services

Roles include providing assistance and advice to keep families together; working in children's homes; managing adoption and foster care processes; providing support to younger people leaving care or who are at risk or in trouble with the law; or helping children who have problems at school or are facing difficulties brought on by illness in the family



Information Service

If you want to speak to someone about the degree qualification, registration procedures, the eligibility of overseas qualifications or anything else to do with social work, why not call 'Social Work and Care Careers' on 0845 604 6404. Alternatively, click here to order publicity materials.

Social Care

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Social Work Degree - Academic year 2008/2009

Applying for the social work degree for 2008? See our feature for information on how to apply, writing your personal statement, interview preparation and bursary rates.

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